2018 spring season is almost behind us. June 3rd is our final practice. We'll take two weeks off and begin our summer season on June 24th. 

Summer Season: 6/24/18-8/12/18 Sundays from 9:45-11:15am and Thursdays from 6:30-7:30pm. One practice does not hinge upon the next. Family conflicts happen and we understand, but the first THREE practices are the MOST IMPORTANT for your child to learn the routine and get to know his/her teammates. There is NO "day-of" registration. Visit our "News Board" for summer registration details and all the necessary forms.


Seasonal fee of $65 and USATF youth membership of $20 (good through 12/31/18).

Apparel options:

Cotton t-shirt is $14. Singlet is $27. Club apparel must be worn during competition.

Competitions: Local summer competitions are optional. We encourage participation, but they are not required.

We teach running!

We don't require competition!

Our team is comprised of 9-13 year olds who love to run, but through drills and formal instruction learn the finer points of running with good form. Many who enter our program go on to run on their middle school and high school teams. Others take this knowledge and run more efficiently on their selected team sports. One way or the other, running is the basis of EVERY sport.


2014 was the inaugural year of Northport Running Club’s youth running club where we registered 30 youngsters. To date we have had over 600 families come through our program! Many of our athletes are now on their middle and high school cross-country and track and field teams because of this fun introduction to the wonderful world of running, jumping and throwing.  Each season is filled with energy, excitement, and loads of fun, especially with the volunteer efforts of some incredibly talented Adelphi Track and Field/Cross Country athletes. There's nothing like seeing the passion of a college athlete exude through his/her entire being as he shares his knowledge and experience with the next generation.

The spring and summer track and field seasons focus on the fundamentals of running form and technique, track terminology, understanding distances from the dashes and hurdles to mid-distance, as well as field events including the turbo-javelin, discus, shot put, long and high jump. Throughout each season we invite specialists of national and world class caliber to teach event specific skills to our youth. The fall season is all about trail running on the most beautiful trails of the country - Makamah Park Preserve, Greenbelt Trail, Sunken Meadow.  

This program is for both the competitive athlete, as well as those who simply want to be part of a running club, but not necessarily compete...yet. 

Our coaching philosophy is to present a fun and exciting running program to the local youth of Long Island. Kids are born to run. Just as soon as they walk, their little legs move in rapid succession one after the other, and then they run. Kids run fast until they tire, rest for a moment then take off again. Our desire is to harness that desire to run within a fun, organized setting and prepare their developing wings to soar to greater heights.

Some very special friendships have been formed among our young runners that have continued far beyond the track. We encourage the kids to socialize on the track and learn about their teammates. We spend time sharing stories and ideas to encourage overall fitness and a healthy lifestyle while discussing short-and long-term goals from day one on the track. This is a club where everyone is supported and encouraged as they learn what it takes to cross a finish line.

 Northport Running Club Youth Track and Field Program, coached by Vicki Fox, Pat Viola and  assistant coaches from Adelphi University.

Northport Running Club Youth Track and Field Program, coached by Vicki Fox, Pat Viola and  assistant coaches from Adelphi University.